this actually almost happened



Read the comic first!  The story wrecks it.


Yesterday, me and Diana went to the beach.  She was in a swimming mood, I was in a sit on the beach and bake type of mood.  I always take my car key off of my key chain and bring just the key along, so i can tie it into my bathing suit or whatever.  I don’t want people stealin’ it!  Anyways, so i’m sitting there, thinking about skipping rocks… and I have the key in my hand, and a hyundai key feels very much like a smooth stone.. and so I stood up, not even thinking, about ready to skip my key across the lake, and I was about to throw it when I realized what it was, and what I was doing, and how hard that would of been to explain.  I’m kind of an idiot, i guess?  I mean, who almost skips their keys across the lake?