good news! the gospel!

Good news!  Great joy.  unto us has been given free coffee.  fair trade? HA!  not even close.  Let me paint you an entirely true, not hyperbole at all, picture.  Can’t stress this enough:  i’m telling the TRUTH.  *internet wink*

The farmers that grew McDonald’s coffee beans actually PAID McDonalds to take their coffee beans[1].  They calculated the cost of growing it, and then they grew the coffee, and then they gave McDonald’s money, and then McDonalds was like “Sure, we’ll let you pay us so that we will use your coffee”[2].  And the rest is history:  McDonald’s doesn’t have to charge for it, because they already made money off of the farmers…. and once a year or so, they give coffee to the rest of us for free[3].


In all seriousness, it’s free and delicious.  And also, those aren’t links to sources, they are just blue numbers that make it seem like I know what i’m talking about.  Also, i stole that blue text thing from XKCD.