this always happens to me

i honestly can not express both how uncomfortable i am in these situations, and how often i find myself in them.  i’d give you numbers, and ratios, and probabilities, but you wouldn’t believe them, and you’d be right to, because i would have made them up.  Safe to say, this happens more then i’d like it to.

jean luc

this is basically a transcription of a conversation that me, diana, and diana’s mom had yesterday.

Oh Captain Jean luc Picard.  For those of you who aren’t awesome, Jean luc Picard is the captain of the Enterprise D.  He drinks earl grey.  When we first moved to BC, we would always go to this coffee shop, and I pretty much decided that I was gonna drink earl grey exclusively (not only was it only a dollar fifty, it was delicious, and besides, picard drank it!)  Anyways, I started saying things like “make it so” and “surely” and other picard-isms, cause it went along with the tea… and i was watching an episode one day in the basement and my brother Andy came in, saw Picard order some earl grey, and Andy put two and two together and was like “WAIT YOU ALWAYS DRINK EARL GREY BECAUSE OF PICARD YOU FRIGGIN NEEERRRRRRRD” and I had to either choose between being embarrassed or being the most shameless trek fan i could be.  Long story short, I started drinking coffee.

mmm, coffee.

Power outs!

So yesterday, there was a fire at a substation, and my apartment was without power from 10:00 – 4:00, which happened to be the time that I was awake and not at work.  Not that it would of been any better at work, seeing as the power was out for that period of time as well.  Anyways, so this was supposed to be friday’s comic, finished at about 10:10, but with no internets (and i haven’t figured out iPhone tethering yet) it gets posted today!  See ‘y’all on monday!


Inspired by last night’s gym extravaganza.  I’m running on a tread mill.  Diana KILLS me on the tread mill, always, as she can run forever on that friggin thing.  Her “total distance” is always like, at least half a mile further than mine.  Anyways, so we’re trying to get the TV on her tread mill working, and she’s standing with both feet on either side of the tread mill’s belt, and to my horror, her tread mill kept COUNTING the stand time as DISTANCE!  and she had it set at a highish speed!  for at least a fifth of a mile.  that’s like, FREE distance.  FREE calories on the calorimeter.

I should note that, she hadn’t actually started running yet, she just hit “start” and tried to get the TV working, and the thing eventually reset itself.  but STILL!

One thing I don’t get about swimming is that people say it gets easier as you get better at it, but isn’t the point to get good exercise?  a good work out?  if it gets easier, wouldn’t that just mean it takes longer to exert the same amount of energy?  which is why I maintain my terrible swimming abilities.  take THAT, people who actually know things about exercise.  my logic is flawless.

the joys of public facilities

I have a million reasons to hate “leisure” centres, AKA, the gymnasium/weight room/pool combinations.  My most HATED thing is the copious amount of old man nudity.  I wonder, at what age, a guy just says “to heck with it” and decides it would be awesome to strut around in all their anti-glory.  And the showers these guys take!  Everything is being lathered… a copious amount.  AND, It’s like, a social shower.  They want to talk, about serious things too.  serious, lengthy, naked man-shower discussion.  I don’t think I quite captured the absolute nastiness of this dilemma, but hopefully, you can use your imagination?  I’m not sure why you’d want too…

Anyways, thanks, old guy.  I’m sure as I get better at drawing, i’ll make this strip over and over again, because it is a PROBLEM that isn’t going away…  Every attempt i make will come one step closer to portraying more and more of the nastiness that is the public men’s change room.  So, look forward to that!