coffee syphons

To start this post off, I want to quote a wikipedia article, which i’m told is academic bad form, but i’m not in college anymore, so who cares?  here it goes:

“While vacuum coffee makers generally were excessively complex for everyday use, they were prized for producing a clear brew…”

In the first panel, there is a coffee syphon, or a vacuum coffee maker.  If you’ve never seen one, now you’ve seen an illustrated one anyways.  I will say three things about them:

First, they make freakishly good tasting coffee… In my opinion, the best cup of coffee, even better then a good cup of french pressed coffee, which was my previous favourite method, mainly cause it tastes amazing and it is actually still piping hot when you get it.

Second, it is the most inconvenient way to make coffee ever conceived by man.  I have an espresso machine as well, actually both were gifts from my brother, and I love that machine because it makes good coffee really fast, and i can make specialty drinks if i feel up to the task (which is usually only when people come over)…  But making a cup of coffee with this is, I kid you not, a twenty minute ordeal… and there are many steps that are easily botchable.

Third, if you are the type of person that wears every single gadget they have on a bike ride because it makes you feel like some sort of cardio-minded spy, and if you are the type of person who may or may not have a secret nuclear silo and may or may not be a mad scientist, this is the type of coffee maker you need.  Every time I fire it up, I feel like a chemist, and for someone that never bothered to take chemistry, that is a good feeling.