One of my least favourite things to do is go clothes shopping.  I like other types of shopping, but clothes shopping I have always hated. So, Me and Diana are in the Gap. Diana and I are shopping for some clothes, and she’s in the dressing room, and i’m brooding on the bench, waiting for her to get out.  In the background, I hear a familiar tune… I can’t quite place it…  I know I like the song…  And then, those epic words:  “TO CAAAAAARRRRY ONN” and the guitar!  “BADABAaaaah   Chu BA chu BA BA chu BAAAAAA”  and the toms “boom badda boom bam ba boom ba” and I kid you not, I started singing along in the middle of the gap.   I quieted down a bit, once i realized people were giving me weird looks… but, if I recall, I think I made us stay in the store until the song was over…  probably the longest i’ve ever been happy in a clothing store.  Man, I love that song!  It’s got everything…  Guitar solos, drum beats, synth sections, star ships, parts both happy and sad! childhood friends and the dreams we had!  man.