the joys of public facilities

I have a million reasons to hate “leisure” centres, AKA, the gymnasium/weight room/pool combinations.  My most HATED thing is the copious amount of old man nudity.  I wonder, at what age, a guy just says “to heck with it” and decides it would be awesome to strut around in all their anti-glory.  And the showers these guys take!  Everything is being lathered… a copious amount.  AND, It’s like, a social shower.  They want to talk, about serious things too.  serious, lengthy, naked man-shower discussion.  I don’t think I quite captured the absolute nastiness of this dilemma, but hopefully, you can use your imagination?  I’m not sure why you’d want too…

Anyways, thanks, old guy.  I’m sure as I get better at drawing, i’ll make this strip over and over again, because it is a PROBLEM that isn’t going away…  Every attempt i make will come one step closer to portraying more and more of the nastiness that is the public men’s change room.  So, look forward to that!

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thanks mang! I hear you’re getting your books published!? that’s friggin rad!

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