Inspired by last night’s gym extravaganza.  I’m running on a tread mill.  Diana KILLS me on the tread mill, always, as she can run forever on that friggin thing.  Her “total distance” is always like, at least half a mile further than mine.  Anyways, so we’re trying to get the TV on her tread mill working, and she’s standing with both feet on either side of the tread mill’s belt, and to my horror, her tread mill kept COUNTING the stand time as DISTANCE!  and she had it set at a highish speed!  for at least a fifth of a mile.  that’s like, FREE distance.  FREE calories on the calorimeter.

I should note that, she hadn’t actually started running yet, she just hit “start” and tried to get the TV working, and the thing eventually reset itself.  but STILL!

One thing I don’t get about swimming is that people say it gets easier as you get better at it, but isn’t the point to get good exercise?  a good work out?  if it gets easier, wouldn’t that just mean it takes longer to exert the same amount of energy?  which is why I maintain my terrible swimming abilities.  take THAT, people who actually know things about exercise.  my logic is flawless.