How to improve your public image

Apparently I should rename “Charlie and the ghost” to “Charlie goes to the leisure centre and complains about things”.  But SERIOUSLY….  Leisure centres.  Before you teach us about improving our body and our body image, let me teach you something about ACTUALLY CLEANING the floors.  Granted, the pool is mostly water, and you can clean that with chlorine, but the REST of your facility is notably not water, and needs to be swept/mopped/CLEANED once in a friggin’ while.

I mean, how many bandaids do people ACTUALLY wear and lose in a course of the day?  And how hard is it to make sure change rooms get hosed down more than once a year?

So I’ll start listening to what you think is an ideal heart rate/waist line when you start cleaning your freakin’ floors.

This little rant inspired by a rant my wife was on.  She’s great.