don’t kill me

Don’t kill me!  it’s just a comic!  I probably shoulda posted this on sunday, but i didn’t think it up yet, and i hadn’t yet had a million people ask me what I thought of the Super Bowl.  oh my gosh, my auto correct just capitalized “S” and “B” of the superbowl.  Apparently i didn’t give the event the respect it deserves… even my macbook looks down on me for this.  What I think of the super bowl is this:  I don’t care about the NFL.  One bit.  I’m sorry, american football just doesn’t do it for me.  I’ve heard the arguments, canadian football vs american football, and all I can say is this:  if they aren’t wearing green and white, and their mascot isn’t a gopher, i don’t care about them. On events such as these that do not involve the riders, i may care about the half time show… but not likely much beyond that.  plus, i mean, season six of CSI is really good.

So the next time someone asks me what i thought about the Super Bowl (it autocorrected again), i think i’ll just say “flags down everywhere” which is a phrase i remember from madden ’99.