invisible what?

Well, this over-simplifies things just a tad…

Charities are a business, that much i understand… and media heavy, awareness-focused charities are going to have overhead… who knew it costed money to make a good piece of well put together advertising?  Well, everyone, if we are being honest, so we shouldn’t be surprised.

We also shouldn’t be surprised that we, as media saturated north americans, require this amount of money to be spent on US if WE are ever going to pay attention to anything.  If a charity needs to spend 2/3 or their budget on getting the public’s attention, is it the charities fault, or the public’s fault?

When it comes to invisible children, it’s nice that their financial info is available, i was led to believe that it wasn’t.  but it is!  Huzzah.  I still have my misgivings about the underpinnings within the video itself, but it is easier to be confident in the organization itself with their money info posted!

Also, since invisible children’s “experiment”, how much talk has there been?  tons!  nice.  If you haven’t seen the video, just google “Kony 2012”.  It’s everywhere.   Charities, charities, charities.  In a perfect world, overhead of charities could be lower, and more money given to causes would go to the actual cause… But our culture isn’t perfect, it’s consumerist and materialist and flawed.  Are charities the problem, or is western culture the problem?

I hope people take seriously and research and get involved on levels far beyond simply sharing a video or buying a bracelet…  there are many constructive ways to get involved i’m sure!