rides again!

If you ever want an object lesson in racial stereotypes and ethnocentricity, listen to the old-school radio shows of the lone ranger!  Aside from being hilarious and entertaining, there are many, MANY cringe-worthy moments…

My favourite part, though, is how most of the episodes were sponsored by pepto bismol, and so they would always break into these crazy pepto bismol ads.  Anyways, i’m not eighty, so i didn’t hear them on the radio… My parents used to get em from the library and we’d listen to em on road trips.  So funny!

Anyways, i can guarantee you that if they re-made the lone ranger into a movie today, the running gag would be “oh I feel so alone” and tanto would be mad and be like “what am i, chopped liver?”.  Seriously!  You can’t be a lone ranger if you have a side kick.

Author: Rob Shauf

I make comics, I illustrate kids books, and I am passionate about digital art!

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