Call of Duty

I was reading this interesting article the other day, and I wish i would of kept the link, but it was talking about how in world war II, every week there were new stories of heroism that got passed around, and many soldiers had their fifteen minutes of fame… and how now, there are many war heroes, but none of their stories get told, mostly because people don’t want to hear them.  I was trying to think of why that is, and while my brother is visiting, we started playing a copy of modern warfare that my friend Garrette lent me…  It’s a fun friggin game.  I hate playing it online, to fast paced, but playing it offline with my brother is good times, cause we both suck equally.  It got me to thinking though, does it cheapen heroic acts in war?  reading some of those stories that come out of world war II, i was impressed, and then I thought to myself “crazy, I did that last night in call of duty.”  I love video games; i don’t think I realized how much they can cheapen reality.  When everyone can be an arm chair war hero and that’s good enough, what effect does that have on society?  Playstation’s old motto was “live in your world, play in ours”.  Good old fashioned gnosticism.  Christians have been struggling with this one for centuries.  Anyways, just some half-thought thoughts.  Now for me to go rest and get un-sick.