Then why do they ask for them?

Sorry for the text-heavy comic!  ah, who am i kidding, i’m not that sorry.

Today was/is my day off, kind of.  Working at a church, there are certain things that don’t really wait for work days, things like weddings or funerals or that type of thing.  Today was a funeral.  I’ve worked at a church for a while now, and i’ve worked at many funerals, but i’ve only helped at a handful of funerals when i’ve actually known the person.

She was a greeter, she stood at the door and said “good morning” to people as they come to church.  I always make it a point to go talk to the greeters, cause they always show up a good twenty minutes before the service starts, and at my church, most people show up five minutes after the service starts.  I usually make some dumb joke, and they usually half-smile, and then we all drink coffee.  We weren’t especially close, me and her… but she was always peppy at  8:55 on a sunday morning.

Anyways, despite the hope we Christians have, it’s still a sad time, and i’m not really in the mood to draw.  So, text comic 2012… June edition.