…you rebel scum.

Every time i see sharpie graffiti, i can’t help but laugh.  Straight off of the school book right onto a wall!  Even though the design is drawn on a post-office box, i can clearly visualize the problems from the math text-book it was first drawn on.  I mean, I COULD draw on a wall with a sharpie…  Anyone could!  3 year olds do this with crayons without ANY coaching.  That doesn’t take any planning, or ability, and it doesn’t make a statement, either then “i have too much time on my hands” and “I stole this sharpie from my parent’s desk”.  When I see your elaborate sharpie tag, i don’t think “there’s a cool guy” or “there’s a rebel who is misunderstood”, i think “man, this person needs to develop some artistic ambition”.  Let me state it clearly: i’m not for the graffiti.  Don’t do drugs.  When I see sharpie graffiti, i can’t help but laugh at the inadequacy of it… and wonder who could possibly get “rebel edification” from it.