this happened

So it is me and Diana’s one year anniversary this day!  woot.  We couldn’t get a whole lot of time off for it between our two jobs, so we are currently in a quick two day vacation to a city that is close by!  (vancouver, obvs.)  Anyhoo, restaurants.  Diana loves to shop, and I don’t, so i went into a restaurant to get us a table while she looked around a store.  the above happened.  it was weird.  it may not seem like that big of a deal, but really, REALLY, think it through.  Do you ever introduce yourself to your server at a restaurant?  This guy was like, digging for it.  He’s like “My name’s Josh, and….”  and giving me this look, like i’m supposed to reciprocate.  He waits for it… for like, a solid five seconds.  then he stares at me and walks away.  it was BIZARRE.

i mean, if i would of been there with my family, i wouldn’t of been like “Hey josh!  I’m rob, this is diana, these are our children Xerxies, Thor, and Credenza.”  No!  of course not.  That would be weird.  Anwyays, socially uncomfortable situation, the linger-staring waiter.  I was taught not to talk to strangers… especially not strangers that stare at me.