Learn something new every day

For example, today i learned that the next macbook itineration, AKA apple’s next phase in their evil plan to own the world’s money, while having a wonderful screen resolution, won’t have fire wire ports.  they did that for a bit with the first version of the aluminum “mac books”… for the short period where they weren’t macbook pros… anyone remember that time?  Anyone remember the “new” polycarbonite white macbooks?  anyone remember old black macbooks?  a couple of apple’s gimmicks that didn’t really last very long? Anyways, the new one will have two thunderbolt ports, which is cool, except that i don’t need thunderbolt ports, i need firewire ports.  It’s not that big of a deal, having my macbook that i have now, but it’s just another annoying reminder that apple continues to change things just slow enough to keep people buying stuff annually.  That being said, first gen ipods and “classic” ipods… there’s quite the difference.