Reflections Debussy’s “Clair de lune”, the conclusion

as per Mike Brown’s request: the thrilling conclusion to yesterday’s reflection.  Let’s put it this way: the lesson to learn is CLOSE YOUR BLINDS.

If TV has taught me anything, and I think it has, it’s that prison is not a place i’d like to be.


Once when I was in a touring choir, we sang at a prison for young people.  We did this skit, a drime actually, where God and Satan fight.  I played the part of God and in the drime, and in the middle part of the skit God gets beat up pretty badly by satan.  It was a physically and emotionally difficult part to play.  I can honestly say that in the prison “camp” thing, it was the only time we did that drime where people cheered when Satan was beating up God.  By the end, I think the message got across, as many people were moved to tears… but still, it was a pretty surreal experience, actually feeling like evil is winning.  I remember having a conversation with this kid after the performance, and when he left, one of the “camp” workers came over and said “what did he say?” and I was like “he said he liked the skit” and it turned out that kid had done some pretty messed up stuff and didn’t really talk to people… I mean, you’d have to to be in a juvenile prison… I haven’t thought about that in a while.

anyways, prison = bad.  don’t go there.