not to be confused with fondant

Welp, enough with the prison jokes.  One day a year is enough for those.
Diana loves to boil chocolate on the stove and then dip stuff in it.  Personally, I think it is one of the grossest things a person could do, cause after, the chocolate doesn’t really clean very nice.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love chocolate covered strawberries and potatoes and whatever-the-hecks, but I just can’t bring myself to not get the heebie-jeebies from the actual melting of the chocolate.  something about it just makes me shutter, even thinking about it.  Strange?  yes.  there’s probably a phobia named after that. meltachocophobia.

Every one in a while, i am reminded to question just what it is that drives me to draw these comics… either then the pure joy of having a drawing turn out the way i’d hoped it to, and looking back even a month or two ago and seeing small improvements in the time since then, or looking back a year ago and remembering where i was when i drew each of them, and what i was actually thinking when i toned some of them back, or whatever.  Is that enough?