cultural introspection

So on the weekend, I got to see friends get married, which is always a good time!  In between the ceremony and reception, got to have coffee with some friends, and the topic of LARPing came up.  Good ol’ Live Action Role Playing.  There is this game I really REALLY want to get people together and play, called artemis (you and five friends command the bridge of a star ship).  Anyways, it’s a video game, but you can enhance the experience by geeking out a bit.  we started talking about dressing up to play it… mostly joking, but as i thought about it, the game basically is live action role playing.  And it got me to thinking… people dress up to go to graduation, a wedding, the pub, to go to a show, to go out with their friends… to go to the beach…  people go to concerts and dress in scene clothes they might not normally dress in; people go to gun shows and wear camo.  these things are all normal and expected… but the second a guy wants to dress up in a star trek uniform to play a star trek game, that’s icky?  nope, it’s not weird.  you wouldn’t go to the bank wearing a mascot costume, you’d go to the football game… provided you were the team’s mascot.  you wear clothing appropriate to the situation.  Anyways… LIGHTNING BOLT LIGHTNING BOLT

i WISH my cultural heritage was space marine.