the weather

Lately, we’ve been having an uncharacteristically rainy summer in Chilliwack.  Well, i mean, it always rains, but sometimes, in the summer, like once every five years, it stops raining long enough to remind me why i like living here.  But actually, when i think about it… everything I like to do, with the exception of tennis, is a thoroughly indoor activity… and even tennis is better indoors (except for then it costs money).  So that got me to thinking, there’s got to be more then just tennis that i like doing outside.  Drawing doesn’t really work outside, i get to annoyed with not having a desk and all my stuff laid out properly… BUT!  reading.  Reading can work outside, as long as it isn’t too bright.  Anyways, i don’t know why i complain when it is rainy, cause when it’s sunny, i spend most of my time inside anyways.

Have a good tuesday everyone!