the joys of hiking


Every time I go on a hike, i can’t help but think of how the scenery could be improved.  “that view would be better, if they just knocked down the trees blocking the way… then they could put in a bench, maybe pave a bit of a park, maybe put in a starbucks…”  that’s why i’m such a mountain man, because of the way i commune with nature.  me and nature: we’re tight.  tight like an SUV in a designated small car stall.

Anyways, fun times!  if you haven’t seen it yet, check out me and my wife Diana’s new old blog!  I say new-old because it is actually an old blog that Diana is making me resurrect.  “making” might be too strong a word, cause it is fun!  But it was her idea to bring it back… so she gets the credit.  check it out!