cultus livin’

Sometimes, I catch a glimpse of the way I act in public, and i’m like, man.  What was Diana thinking, marrying me?  haha.  I can be such a kill joy.

So we’re at Cultus, and the situation as described in the comic happens pretty much exactly.  I don’t think i would have a problem with boat bros, if they would just stay in the middle of the lake.  But they are always boating by the shore, looking at everyone on the shore, flexing, and being like “HEYYYYY I’M ON A BOAT”.  We get it.  Lonely island. SNL.  congratulations, you have television.  I mean, you gotta flaunt your expensive poser boat and your brewskis.  Way to go!  life accomplished to the max.  It’s like friggin’ sea-doo people.  Go do your sharp turns in the middle of the lake, and enjoy yourself.  But when you sea-doo close to the shore, and after you make one of your “impressive” turns, you stare at the shore, seeing if anyone saw it (and we did. good job, we’re proud of you!), you aren’t doing it for fun, you’re doing it for attention!  And it’s STUPID because anyone, and I mean ANYONE, can turn a sea-doo…  The very FIRST time I road a sea-doo, i turned, and it looked just as impressive as your turns.  Why can’t people just go to the beach and mind their own business?

And that brings me back to why Diana is a saint for putting up with me.  For all my judging of the bros and the attention-mongers, I sure wasn’t minding my own business, was I?  Nope, i wasn’t.  I’m just as bad as the bros.  In any case, don’t even get me started on bros listening to Carley Rae Jepsen.  Nothing says “future UFC champ” like a little bubblegum pop.