The futility of it all

It is always easy to be stoked when things are going good, and be all “what’s the point of life” when things are going poorly.  Me and Diana were watching this movie with Robert De niro, i think it’s called “we’re doing fine” or “everybody’s fine” or something like that, and it is a) incredibly sentimental, b) sad, and c) they use music in the most annoying ways to manipulate the CRAP out of you.  But all of that to say that it all did have a moral, though it’s kind of a mixed up moral.  The specific lesson would be that Robert De Niro’s character learned to accept his kids for who they are instead of imposing his ideal of their potential onto them.  The big moral that everyone takes away, as far as I can tell, is this: there is more to life then success.  Which is good!  Accept people for who they are and all that.  BUT…  In the end, the family is back together, eating Christmas dinner.  That is still an ideal, a “success”.  All Robert really learned was that if he listens to his kids, he gets them home for christmas.  Anyways. Enough of me hating on a movie that I actually did enjoy, in retrospect, it was a frustrating experience, much like Prometheus.