Picard Poster

Did anyone else have the poster in your school library with captain jean luc picard with a book and it had some awful caption like “Reading:  boldly going where no man has gone before” or some crap?  Anyways, those were awesome, and SO inspiring.
Honestly though, I can’t get enough of reading these days.  There are few books that really grab my attention, especially post-bible college, at bible college I did so much “serious” reading that I didn’t have much of a taste for “enjoying” reading.  And now, that has all changed.  Thanks to matt wall for introducing me to a great book series a couple years ago, and me finally sitting down to trudge through it.  Anyways, I can’t help but feel guilty, spending so much time reading, and then not writing anything!  I don’t know why. I’m not really a writer.  It’s not like I watch a movie and feel guilty when I don’t start filming my own.  Though I guess it is like that when it comes to cartoons!  I watch an episode of adventure time, and start making my own cartoon (which, if you haven’t seen, can be found at and you should check it out.)