total recall: the 2012 edition


I liked the new total recall fine enough.  Let me start out by explaining the context in which I watched the first “total recall”.

I was in grade 11, we were doing tour choir, and that year, I believe I played the part of a little jewish kid who didn’t want to sacrifice the passover lamb.  blond-haired blue-eyed jewish kid.  In any case, we were in calgary, boarded with a couple real estate agents in the middle of a huge real estate up-swing.  Long story short, they didn’t own a TV, but had a sweet kick-butt computer that could play DVD’s.  This was a big thing back in the year 2001.  Anyways, me and i think Andrew Krueger? were billeted to their place, and we wanted to watch a movie, and we watched total recall.  The only two things that struck me about the movie was the scene where arnold’s face is claymation, and the girl with three boobs because it was really weird.  In any case, the finer points and plots and twists were completely lost on me… so I don’t have a huge working knowledge of the original to compare to the remake.  I just remember that besides the whole recall concept, they don’t have a whole lot in common.

Fast forward to 2012!  phones have dvd players.  the google is everywhere.  and total recall decided to take after the star trek remake with a copious amount of lens flares.  Not an unwelcome amount…  Just so long as lens flares don’t become the futuristic standard in movies.  I should make a graph that compares the year a movie takes place to the amount of lens flares seen per minute… it might help date movies that don’t really explain when they take place.  Anyways.  My favorite part of the movie is basically that the cities and the cars were like fifth element on steroids!  woot.  The rest of the movie was ok too (plot, acting, lore, etc)… a good “pop-corn” flick, if there is such a thing.  aka, best not to watch it more then once, and not think about it too much.  Aside from that, there isn’t a whole lot right or wrong with it… at least not that i can recall.  HEY OH!!!!