The secret of fast food


fast food jobs are great.  I’ve worked at, to one degree or another, McDonalds, Burger King, Ciniplex concession, and Dairy Queen, as well as a couple non-fast-food-restaurants.  They have much in common!  namely, the word of the day.  Catsup.  Ketchup.  When I had no money at all, and I would crave a cheeseburger, I would go to the grocery store across from the apartment, buy a bag of wonder bread and some no-name cheese slices, and then make grilled cheese sandwiches and dip em in ketchup, which basically satisfied my craving.  Yesterday, I went to McDonalds to bug a youth that started working there, and i got my cheese burger, and it was dripping with ketchup, and I took the ketchup container and spread it out, so-as to dip the burger in it, and i had the realization i present to you in comic form.  Viva heinz!