Global fest 2012

there is no surer way to lose a fireworks competition.  Is there such thing as minimalist when it comes to making massive colourful explosions in the sky?  lets hope not!  It would kinda defeat the purpose.  The fireworks last night were by far, the best i’ve ever seen.  Philippines were the country being represented, and they did an AWESOME job!  This was the first time EVER in my life where the music the fireworks were supposed to line up with ACTUALLY lined up.  And the mortars lined up as well  (the boom sound that launches the fireworks, in case you’ve never watched discovery channel) so that was awesome!  You may be thinking “Well, obviously it all lined up” but honestly, every time I go to fireworks, they say it is lined up to the music, and I can see how it does.  BUT!  last night!  It was beautiful!  Also, we showed up super early and got to hear a new immigrant turned canadian citizen swear in!  which was bizarre.  I’ve never before in my life said the oath or pledge or whatever it’s called of citizenship, and there is some stuff in there i’m not entirely comfortable with!  Give it a read over.