I LOVE tennis.

I absolutely love tennis.  I’m not great at it, but I do enjoy it.  There is something so graceful, and yet so incredibly violent about it.  You can’t play tennis angry and expect to be any good, or at least i can’t.  And even though it’s incredibly frustrating, it will only get worse if a person doesn’t keep their cool.  AND!  The way it feels when a hit lines up perfectly, and you can feel the spin of the ball as it hits the racket, and the follow through, like swinging a sword that shoots a bullet, oh man!  There’s nothing like it.  I wonder if that’s how they came up with gunblades in final fantasy 8?  Some japanese guy playing tennis was like “Hoah! this could work.”
If I ever become a millionaire, or a billionaire, the first thing I would do is buy a thrift store, and give a baseball bat to my wife, and let her destroy the glass section.  She’s always wanted to do that.  As I hope this comic communicates, I think it would be awesome to practice my tennis serve in a sport chek… or a mall food court.  Of course i’ll never do it, I don’t want to go to jail or hurt anyone, but I mean, if I were a billionaire, I could rent a store for a day and just go nuts.
Anyways, I always like doing comics without dialogue!  This is one of my favourite ones i’ve ever made.

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