to what end?

To what end indeed.  Yesterday, i offended my indian reader, and i apologize; your food, while delicious, absolutely causes havoc in my body.  it’s not a joke, so much as a fact that i find amusing.  Today:  If any of you are polka lovers, i apologize for the popular demise of your favourite genre of music… fear not:  wedding dances across the nation are still riddled with polka flavour…. and i’m sure there’s an XM radio station that plays all polka all the time.

sometimes, I wonder why I draw every day.  to what end?  is the goal to be famous some day, cause as much fun as that would be, I am incredibly uncomfortable with most of what fame would require.  Is it the gratification of knowing I can put to paper anything I imagine? cause that’s a bit of a bottomless pit, there’s no end to that.  hmm.