not to mix a chinese proverb or anything…

It is an ancient proverb!  Not one easily found, and I was trying to remember where I heard it seeing as I couldn’t find it online, and then it hit me!  I learned it from “Jackie Chan’s Legend of the Drunken Master”…  And Jackie is all “Give me more booze so i can become a drunk super hero” and his master is all “No don’t do it Jackie!  A boat floats on water, but it also sinks in it!”  But jackie takes the booze anyways and destroys the bad guy, but in the end he’s just a drunken fool and he has brought dishonour to his house and if my memory serves me right, it kinda ends with him in a state of rehabilitation.  In much the same way, Coffee is my super hero transformer…  But man, does it come with a price… the price of throbbing headaches and imaginary ninjas stabbing the brain.