Duty calls

Today is september 11th.  My facebook feed is flooding with people remembering where they were when they heard the news.  I was in a math class, sitting across from a girl named laura.  We both had/have uncles in the military, and both of us pretty much simultaneously were like “awe man… guess they’re going to war.”  Of course, we didn’t know where at that point, that came later, but we knew it was a big deal; we had a high school history teacher named Mr Appleby, and he made us watch the news every day…  But this day, pretty much every class was watching the news.  I remember some kids in my grade didn’t know how to handle it; one was laughing hysterically, darting around from classroom to classroom, but even though he was barking laughter, his eyes and his shaky hands were scared and small… Kind of like when you corner a small dog and they make a lot of noise, but their tale is still in-between their legs, and a puddle is growing beneath their feet.  As a Canadian, september eleventh affected me differently then i’m sure it did any American…  Reality and surreality mixed, the results were catastrophic, and the next day I handed in my trigonometry assignment.