The Joys/Dangers of Scooter Ownership: Part Two

I shoulda known by the name of the shop that they probably were a little rough around the edges… possibly even neo-nazis, as neo-nazis tend to adopt scandinavian mythology…  I doubt that though, that would be a little bold naming your shop that if you were.  Anyways, being a non-mechanically inclined guy who currently resides in an apartment without any type of garage or workspace to claim as my own, it becomes necessary to find a shop to do things for me… I have yet to find a shop that will take my money.  Most people look at the poor ruckus like a toy; even the dealership that sells them new here in Chilliwack highly encourages people to “do the maintenance themselves, it’s simple enough”.  If you live in a bigger city, such as vancouver or victoria, there are whole shops dedicated SOLELY to scooter maintenance, and whole communities dedicated to riding together and hanging out and being rad on scooters… But in Chilliwack, the address for our scooter shop turns up two options: nothing, or a really sketchy looking shop where it seems people would be just as likely to steal parts off the thing as they would to fix it.  We’re talking serial numbers filed off of product sketchy.