It’s just business, it’s nothing personal.

If you haven’t checked this site in a while, and you are confused and don’t feel like clicking “back” like crazy to get to the 1/100 comic strip, click the link at the top of the page that says “slow day”.  That has the comics in this series thus-far collected on a single page!  yay.

As this auto-posts tomorrow morning, in fact All Hallow’s Eve morning, i’ll be in the hospital getting a CAT scan!  What is a cat scan, you ask?  WELL.  it is an X-ray that uses computerized axial tomography.  Doesn’t really clarify anything?  that’s ok.  all you really need to know to have the entire story is this:  It is way to easy to complain about medical stuff, so I won’t!  Instead, i’ll just point out the “Store!” link at the top of the page!  That segway doesn’t make sense to you? Let’s put it this way:  medical stuff’s got me down… but you buying my book will raise my spirits!  Yay!  (Or, just pray for me!  but also buy my book.)

Buying it directly from Lulu is actually the easiest (and cheapest) way i currently have for me to sell the book, as they take care of everything and the book ships directly to your door!  That being said, If you want to buy it from me personally, i’ll sign it and crap, make it all personal… but shipping will likely cost more.  So!  Yes.