starbucks, how could you!?

When I worked at java java, our owner would go on and on about why she thought starbucks was such a great company.  She’d ask us what we thought, and because my wife used to work at starbucks, and because Diana’s told me why starbucks was so great, i would usually pipe up and say something along the lines of “Starbucks aims for product standardization… you go to a starbucks in thailand, and you’re gonna have the same delicious dark roast that you’d have in seattle.”  Lately, my faith in the starbucks brand has been SHAKEN TO THE CORE.
I am here to testify that not all starbucks are created equal.  Many are far superior to the one I have been frequenting.
It’s the attention to detail that makes the starbucks experience shine!  “What can I get you?”  “Tall Dark roast, no room for cream.”  Easy!  You would THINK.  The only drink easier to make at starbucks would be an ice water…  But this starbucks!  I won’t mention any names, EAGLE LANDING STARBUCKS, but oh man. They have 3 things of stupid BLONDE roast just sitting there getting stale, with the other two coffee-cubes (or carafes, or whatever they are called) are full of pike puke, and not-a-one is filled with, or is in the process of being filled with, the delicious burnt-esk nectar commonly known as “whatever dark roast they are making that day” that i need to function properly.
Life, man.  life.

Author: Rob Shauf

I make comics, I illustrate kids books, and I am passionate about digital art!

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