so what’s the deal with doctors and charts?

Our family doctor here in Chilliwack has this tendency to walk in, have a couple seconds of small talk, start diagnosing, make some recommendations, and THEN he reads the chart and asks, “Why are you here today?”.  This might sound crazy, but wouldn’t the chart be a good place to start?  Why do they have nurses ask all the “medical history” and “what’s your problem” questions if the doc is just going to ask again?  Or is it to make sure stuff lines up?  That would make sense actually.  Maybe I just answered my own question.  If any MD’s read this, let me know, it actually drives me nuts…
I can be a pretty impatient person, so when I get asked the same question four times in a row, and they want me to explain the same thing three times in a row… It really doesn’t instil confidence, and it makes me nervous, but if it is just doing due diligence, then I’ll feel better about it?  Let me know!
Another thing that drives me nuts… when people say that they are are “at hospital.”  It is probably grammatically correct, and i really don’t care to check, but if you were to throw a “The” in the mix, making “at the hospital” it would really go a long way to making me not want to rip my hair out of my head!
Me:  “Where is Johnny?”
Other:  “He caughtesth yee olde plague, and tis at hospital”
ME:  “Now I have to rip my hair out.”
Happy tuesday!