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as I post this at 6:54 AM wednesday morning, our up-stairs neighbours are vacuuming.  VACUUMING.  People can’t even start constructing things until 8:00 because of noise by-laws.  GAH.  WHY?  Even though i’m awake, I can’t handle loud noises this early.
So one of the things that is really nice about drawing in software instead of on paper is all of the options a guy like me has for editing!  I haven’t drawn on paper for a real project in a very long time, i’ve been drawing everything straight in photoshop or pixelmator or Anime studio pro probably for a year or two.  It is faster then drawing on paper, inking it, scanning it, cleaning it, and then being able to post it… But it’s strange, as good as I think I am getting at digital doodles, i’m always going to be better at drawing at paper… well, accept on a bad drawing day, which is really where the software comes in really handy to stretch and rotate stuff in the initial sketch until it looks some-what right.  Why am I writing this?  Cause the other day, I did go to draw on paper, just a pretty simple drawing of a person standing there, and I was incredibly frustrated when I couldn’t rotate and shrink the head of the person I had drawn just a little too large.  It’s like when little i-pad savvy kids are frustrated by the lack of touch screen controls on their plasma TVs… you get so used to the tools you’re given!


Author: Rob Shauf

I make comics, I illustrate kids books, and I am passionate about digital art!

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