…Might need to work on his bed-side manner.

Well, I’ve been sick plenty in my life.  Or at least it feels like i’ve been sick plenty… I had my appendix out when I was in elementary school, Asthma attacks every couple of years (but no longer, now that I live in BC! woot), Kidney issues after highschool, ugh.  I’ve had many nurses and doctors take care of me over the years!  And for the most part, as best as I can remember, the only time a doctor was anything but courteous to me was when, a week after kidney surgery, i had to tell him that I got kicked in the kidney and that it was hurting like crazy.  He was none to pleased.  Oh, and the doc that told me to drink lots of water to flush my kidney stone.  She wasn’t very friendly.
In any case, poor doctors!  When they have an “off” day, or they wake up on the wrong side of the bed, and they go and take it out on a terminally ill patient, that patient could just decide to stop fighting and give up on life!  Oh man.


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Wow, that’s pretty impressive! I have to use mine whenever I go for a run, too …. but especially when the pollen is high. I don’t know if that would change in other cities! That’s great news for you though 🙂

Moving to BC basically cured my asthma actually! When I lived in saskatchewan, all the dust and allergens wrecked havoc on it.. If I were to go for a run, i’d take my inhaler before and after, and i’d be fine… But in BC, I don’t have to worry about it. I probably use my inhaler once a year out here. I also have to use it when I go back to saskatchewan, but meh. I’m glad you like the comic!

Did moving to BC really help your asthma? I’ve heard that Vancouver is one of the cleanest and least polluted cities! It’s amazing how much environment can affect things… I like this comic 🙂

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