it was a pretty severe case.

So this weekend, I am away!  Away at a retreat with a bunch of youth.  It’s gonna be a grand time; capture the flag and mission impossible aside, I love weekend retreats, they are such a good way to get to know everyone!  Anyways, hope you all have a good weekend.  Don’t forget to take some time to remember the soldiers who died protecting our country on the eleventh!  I hope you like the story, it’s a lot of fun for me!  mwhaha.  If you wanna read the entire thing, don’t forget, it’s easy to click the “slow day” link, and it’s all gonna be posted there for ease of readability.  Also-  Don’t forget, I have a book!  Click the “store” link for some details.  If you live in the lower mainland or vancouver or this general area and you want one, you can talk to me and give me a $20 bill, and I’ll just give yah one!  I have a small shipment that just got in, so let me know if you want one.