If time allows!

Every once in a while, I feel like I slack off on the written post sections of these little comic updates.  When I started drawing these, oh, a couple years ago, I wouldn’t really do a lot of background work in the drawing, and I wouldn’t really shoot for consistency from frame to frame, or any real level of detail… i mean, the ghost as a main character is largely because i was too lazy to draw two characters with detail… and i mean, I have no delusions that the effort i’m putting in now is the mona lisa of webcomic-ery… but the point that i’m trying to make is that it would take me like an hour to draw the things, and then i’d have like twenty minutes to think of something to write about, then i’d write it.  But now that the drawings are taking a little longer to plan out and execute, and the dialogue has to make sense within the context of the larger story, it leaves less time for the blog post writing!  Hmm.  I would like to remedy that, I like reading a good post, so i’m gonna bring better posts to the table as well as the comic.  Ok? OK!  Also, hope you like the story!