the saga continues!

So, i’m gonna talk about video games.

The WiiU is out, the Xbox 720 rumours are swirling about, the playstation 4000 just around the corner… But i’m really not following any of it.
The Nintendo 3DS is the last current-generation gaming system that i’ve purchased; I own a ps3 and a wii as well.
To be honest, my favourite games on the system are the 3d remake of Starfox that my wife bought me, and the 3d remake of the n64 zelda.  The games I play most on my ps3 is Final Fantasy VII, VIII, and IX, and then the “Genesis Classics Collection”.  The game I play most on my wii is the original donkey kong.  To summarize:  I’m not even playing current generation games on my current generation gaming systems.  How many more times can I buy my favourite old games?  I almost caught myself spending $5 to download the original mario brothers for the 3DS, even though i ALREADY have it on the Wii.
If they want me to buy the next play station, the best way to do that would be to  get square to make a $100 HD package of every final fantasy to date.  I would buy that, but i mean, do I really need to do that?  especially when i still have the originals, and the psp and ps3 versions?  And then there is the question of, can I even afford to dump 50 hours into a single player game?
Anyways, all of that to say, blech.  I wish I had more discipline when it comes to video games.
Sometimes, I feel like i buy video games just because i’m used to buying them!  I’ve been conditioned to walk to EB games, browse through their selection, and get something that I will play for two hours one saturday morning, and then put on a shelf.