at a co-op grocer in estevan, saskatchewan…

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So, this is fun!  Or at least, I’m having fun.  Orders of business, then blog post:
1)  If you’re jumping in and don’t know what’s going on, click the “Slow Day” Link at the top, and all of the comics in this story line are nicely arranged for your reading pleasure.
2)  I have a book!  It’ll make a really good christmas present for someone.  Click the link on the “store” page (Aka, the picture of me holding the book!)  and you can order one from lulu, OR talk to me and we’ll figure something out.

So!  I own Startrek TNG in the DVD box set form.  When I bought the seven seasons of this particular show, each season was 110 Canadian dollars.  Each episode is 45 mins, and the first season has 25 episodes, so when I started buying the seasons, I figured that $4 for an hour-ish of entertainment wasn’t bad.  Paying $770 dollars for the entire thing may seem excessive (I’m actually crying a little bit, adding it all up) especially seeing as now the DVD box sets i think sell for $30 a season, and i think you can get the entire thing on blu-ray for $300, BUT NOW, TNG has finally arrived on Canadian netflix!  Yay!  Which means that for $8 a month, i can watch it on my ipad.  Is there anything more star trek then watching startrek on my ipad?  No.  No, there is not.  The future is now… or if you’re an american and you’ve had star trek on netflix for like three years, then the future was three years ago.