In the midst of exile

cg48 100I write this in the midst of internet exile!  Diana and I are moving today.  We haven’t had internet since friday; now, as I type this post up in the local coffeerry, I am reminded of the last time I made a charlie posting in such an establishment.  Life was different then; I wasn’t married, and i would go to the coffee shop in order to escape a particularly insane dog named napoleon.
Anyways, I drew this comic on thursday, tomorrows as well actually, and this comic is kind of ironic, because last night at our christmas banquet a student chipped her tooth while skating…  She was in a lot of pain!  We’re praying for you!  I hope it is going to be alright to fix.
Thankyou everyone for your birthday wishes!  This weekend was completely the worst, and I’m glad it’s over.