The University of Phoenix

cg52 100I don’t know if these still exist, but when I was young we would get junk-mail flyers for “mail away” universities where it’s like “YOU WANNA BE A PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR!?  YOU TOTALLY CAN! GIVE ME MONEYS LOL” and then you pick your dream romanticized career, and then I guess you are accredited?  Anyways, for some reason, I get a copious amount of emails from the university of phoenix, trying to get me to become a CSI, and it reminds me of those glorious flyers… but i know there are many schools like this, like Devry institute… “Get your BA!  but it won’t transfer to any other university.”  Is it really a BA then?
You know what i’m talking about, The kind of school that has their ads on SPIKE TV in the middle of the day because they know that a bunch of 20-something slackers are at home watching “When things explode: Ninjas vs the world” and are simultaneously dreaming of having a girlfriend and some kind of larger purpose in their life?  (I can write this because this was totally my situation).  the type of institution where your credentials rely on the amount of money you’d like to spend, and not on your ability to perform any kind of physical or mental task?

Anyways, I have nothing against people who go to these places and further their careers… I just wish that the schools would take me off of their mailing list.  Honestly, i have no idea how I keep getting put back on it.  I mean, Sprott Shaw community college!  Come on!  I don’t even LIVE in Abbotsford.  But I guess I don’t live in phoenix either.  Happy Friday!