cg71 100Oh, so sleepy!  Why don’t I sleep?  Cause I don’t like wasting it!  I don’t like wasting my day.  I have a desire to DRAW!  DRAW DRAW DRAW.  Before Drawing, one needs to write, and writing is the thing that is more work for me.  I know what head-space i need to be in to draw, but writing head space?  oh man, i have no idea!  Anyways, have a good one!  and by “one”, i mean “day”.  I’m lookin forward to the next little bit of this comic!  I wish i could get there faster, but you know, it should probably make some kinda sense… some sort of continuity?  yeah.  That’s the exercise.

Just a couple reminders:  If you want to read the whole story and don’t feel like navigating the entire laborious archive (which i’ve just discovered is quite difficult to do… but i’m not a web designer, and besides, i don’t think a wordpress blog lets you edit stuff or maybe they do i really don’t know much about this) click the “Slow day” tab at the top of this page, and it will take you to one glorious page with the entire story laid out, in order, to this point.  Yay!

Also, I just got another small shipment of books!  If you wanna buy one, and you live close to me, talk to me, we’ll get it figured out!