invoice for services rendered

cg77 100

It’s the worst feeling in the world when you realize that you have to pay for something that you thought was complimentary.

I’m super super super excited!  Why?  Because i’ve written these strips to the end of the story, and i’m pretty satisfied with it… which is good!
I don’t know how other people’s writing processes work, but mine kinda goes like this:  I pick a structure with limitations to fill out (in this case, 100 strips).  Limitations are really important, i love trying to make something awesome within limitations!  it’s a challenge!  And this is both a limitation and a challenge, as i’ve never written continuity for longer then ten strips, and at this point it is tempting just to write this story out indefinitely… but no!  that was not the project, and it wouldn’t make sense with the big picture.
Anyways, then, I pick a starting point for the story, and I pick how i’d like it to end, then I pick the middle, and the quarters, and i try to make it follow that rising action stuff, so that in the end, it’ll be a good read through… While also trying to make them interesting to read/look at every monday to friday.  SO, while i’ve known the general direction the story was heading and has been heading, it’s been good not to have the specifics up to this point because it’s allowed me to make some dumb jokes every once in a while and have some flexibility within the “narrative”.  BUT! yesterday i took an hour and sat down and plotted the specific course to the finish line!  stories need to end strong, and i am feeling like this will end pretty well.  I’m really excited about this, i wish i could take a week off and just draw the whole thing out… but that would be a little silly.
Ok have a good weekend!  It’s gonna be a busy one.