best foot forward

cg78 100As I listen to death cab for cutie, and look over at my dead hamster’s cage which i still haven’t cleaned out (well, other than disposing of the… the… the body)  and i sip my microwaved coffee, I can’t help but count my blessings!  of which there are many.  First, i am blessed to be married to Diana!  I am blessed to work with such amazing people.  I am very blessed.  I could go on and on!  but maybe i’ll spread it out over the course of the week.  it’s blessing week, 2013!  is it really?
I had a dream last night that someone took apart my scooter in order to move it.  and instead of moving it, they just left it in pieces scattered across the basement parkade (spelling?) of me and Diana’s old apartment, of where we still lived, but we had two apartments, one for living and one for entertaining.  Entertaining people like the queen and the premier.  Anyways, the whole dream was me trying to put the scooter back together, but getting frustrated for not having any real working space to do it, as the parkade is public and people would keep parking wherever i set up shop to put the thing back together!  Anyways, I woke up, and i realized that I could put it back together in my garage, of which my house has!  And then, upon entering the garage this morning (this is no longer a dream), i see my scooter fully assembled, sitting there as it always was.  Man alive, morning-mind, did you actually think the scooter was in pieces?
Alright, people that fancy themselves dream interpreters, feel free to explain what this dream means!  I have a feeling it means i shouldn’t of eaten so much parmesan cheese on my KD before bed.  That’s right.  Parmesan on KD. (KD is Kraft Mac and Cheese, for my american friends)