the importance of purpose

cg87 100now that we have TV again, we have commercials again.  A LOT of commercials. Having not watched TV in a couple years, being exclusively confined to the realm of netflix and whatever websites stream, I am used to no commercials or maybe two skippable commercials at best.  OH MY GOSH, COMMERCIALS ARE EVERYWHERE.  In a half an hour time slot, i never realized how distracting 8 minutes of commercials can be.  I’m starting to realize why PVR’s are a necessary addition to any cable plan… honestly, when I have kids, I don’t want their brains to be filled with all of that product manipulation.

“Betcha didn’t think you’d need one of these!  but now you doooooooooo”
-fake commercial

Anyways, one commercial I saw was for a bank, and it was talking about retirement and how important it is to be able to choose to keep going to work when you are retired.  Most retired people that I know are more busy then people that work.  I thought to myself, “good commercial”, there is some truth to it, work helps give purpose to a day and it’s good to accomplish stuff.  How about that, a commercial enriching my life?
Until I realized that I had COMPLETELY WASTED my morning watching “how it’s made” and being a couch potato before that commercial had come on.  Life enrichment WASTED by the means it took to get to me.
Ugh, I’m gonna have to really watch my TV watching…  It’s easy to let it become background noise, and get into this habit of doing 22 minutes worth of things in a half an hour.