Purpose Driven Life

cg88 100One “buzz book” of christianity that was super popular when I was in high school was “the 5 love languages” (though a google search will reveal that there are about a million editions of this book that have been published since i was in highschool… “Singles edition”, “Military edition”… Really?  REALLY?).  Another book was “the Purpose Driven Life”…  a book that I’m sure adorns many-a-bookshelf.  BOTH of these books were the bane of my grade eleven existence.  Why?  Well, for one, I never read them, and everyone else had.  Everyone who had read the books apparently had secret abilities that they could use to master love and life…  I would be frustrated with my highschool love life, and I would be trying to figure out what the heck I was supposed to do with my life, and everyone i would talk to would say “Oh!  read these two books.  Then you’ll have all the answers.”
I was more interested in reading the scrolling text of final fantasies VI – X, which i suppose was more of an  escape from my own life situations then a solution to what I thought were problems… But it seemed like I was always one step behind everyone because they read these books and I couldn’t stomach them… no, sir; I couldn’t stomach them one bit.
Anyways, purpose is a funny thing.