After School Special

cg94 100It’s a pretty old plot device in tv shows and after school specials… where something is too hard, and then the main character is like “I’ve HAD IT!  I’m DONE WITH THIS!  THIS IS TOO HARD!” and then the teacher is like “…yes.”  It seems pretty cheesy.  I think family guy made fun of it once, i’m sure every long-running anything has at one point or another.  The funny thing is that i can count five or six times in my actual real life where this has actually happened, and not even in a joking ironic way.
Tylenol Cold and Sinus nights has given me a comatose sleep; LIFE brand ibuprofen cold is keeping my nasal passage nice and lubricated.  If that’s a gross image, it’s supposed to be.  I’ve used more kleenex in the last two days then i can SAFELY say i’ve used in the last two years of my life.
Anyhoo.  Peace out playas!  Here’s my dog!