cg100 100IT IS FINISHED!  The story line!  yay.  Super excited to have finished a story that took many months to tell.  I hope you are as excited with the ending as I am.  Charlie and the ghost has been pretty hard to share with people, mostly because they were both empty vessels.  I don’t feel that is the case any longer!  It makes writing for them much more enjoyable and satisfying!  About half-way through drawing it, I felt like Charlie was making his own decisions… by which I mean, it was pretty obvious to me what a guy like charlie would do in a situation like that.  It’s a pretty cool feeling.  ANYWAYS!  The rest of this week is INCREDIBLY INSANE, so I’m not going to update tomorrow (thursday) or the day after (Friday) but I will be resuming updates on march the 4th!  Peace out playas!  I really hope you enjoyed the story.  (to read it all, start to finish, click the “slow day” link at the top of the page!  That link will be there until the “slow day” book gets printed, so make sure to check it out!)